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Center for Kreative Resources

what is kreatio?

We are a non-profit organization with Lutheran beliefs

that produces and gathers creative material

to help churches, institutions and individuals around the world

in their work of sharing the love of our Kreator.

we work with your Kreations

Everything you Kreate can be used to serve and enrich others! Everything that we Kreate - moments, food, music, etc. - speaks and tells something. We want to help you give a deeper meaning to your Kreations! 

not only arts, but everything you do is a   Kreation!

does it work?

We bring together people and institutions from all over the world to develop projects by pooling their gifts and resources.



ExamplE: the music band

A band in Argentina wants to start playing their own songs but they have no one who knows how to write songs. A pastor in Europe likes to write and compose songs but there are no musicians in his congregation. Kreatio brings them together to record an album with new songs that can be distributed in both countries. 


A small group in Switzerland organises a snow camp every year, but not many people participate. In other small churches in neighbouring countries youth groups are large but do not have enough resources and leaders to organise camps. Kreatio brings them together to run an international camp where everyone can contribute their different gifts.  

let's unite our gifts!

use your gift to


of hope and peace

how can you be
part of?

You have a talent, a hobby or a profession and you want to use it for a bigger purpose? You don't know how to make a bridge between church and  the daily live of the people around you? Or do you want to support us with your gifts and resources? 

Than contact us and let's talk and see how we can collaborate! 


use your gifts!

Contact us directly

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